Header: cglm/curve.h

Common helpers for common curves. For specific curve see its header/doc e.g bezier

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  1. glm_smc()

Functions documentation

float glm_smc(float s, mat4 m, vec4 c)
helper function to calculate S * M * C multiplication for curves
this function does not encourage you to use SMC, instead it is a helper if you use SMC.
if you want to specify S as vector then use more generic glm_mat4_rmc() func.
Example usage:
Bs = glm_smc(s, GLM_BEZIER_MAT, (vec4){p0, c0, c1, p1})
[in] s parameter between 0 and 1 (this will be [s3, s2, s, 1])
[in] m basis matrix
[out] c position/control vector

scalar value e.g. Bs